Corrado D'Agostini does an in-depth analysis of the technical and historic evolution of photographic lenses in Austria and Germany from 1839, the year the first lens was made, up to the end of the 1800s. He traces the history over the decades of each of the manufacturers, showing their development side by side with the advances in photography's techniques.

Along with chapters devoted to the most famous manufacturers who invented the most important optical designs, he provides information regarding minor manufacturers as well as some that are almost unknown. His lengthy research in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Great Britain has permitted him to provide images and technical data, including optical characteristics, dates of production, measurements and prices of each of the lenses.

This book is an ideal sequel to the preceding volume devoted to the history of photographic lenses in 19th century France, a book highly praised by both experts and lovers of photographic history.

Corrado D'Agostini is a psychiatrist and professor of Clinical Psychology. Along with his teaching activity he has spent many years studying 19th century photographic optics.

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