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A short excerpt from "Berthiot"

Pag.32...Claude Berthiot (+1896) opened his factory in 1857. In 1864 he became a member of the Societé Français de Photographie. His lenses were not engraved in the early days of production; later they showed the following marker’s engraving: “C.Berthiot Fabricant Opticien Paris”. In 1895 the factory was located at 168 rue Saint Antoine, while a catalogue from 1905 indicates it as Maison C. BERTHIOT E. Lacour (Neveu et Successeur) Fabrique spéciale d’optique de haute précision pour la photographie. Paris, 61 rue Saint Antoine”. The change in company name refers to new management in 1884 under Benoit Marie Eurgéne Lacour, who designed new anastigmatic optics at the turn of the century. Shortly after, the company name changed to "Ottica Lacour-Berthiot, rue Froissart 9, Paris" and later in 1913 to "S.O.M. Berthiot” (1). After 25,000 lenses were produced in 1800 (3), the brand name grew in popularity, and by the beginning of the 20th century, the company had achieved considerable success, becoming the most important manufacturer in France (2). Some Aplanats particularly stand out from the early production; these could be separated, as well as converted to a wide-angle, with the addition of a third glass (4). With the introduction of new glass made by Jena, many models were recalculated, and manufacturing was modernized…(continues)

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