Objectif à Verres Combinés JAMIN B.té S.G.D.G. R. chapon 14, Paris no numbering
17x13 cm.
A short excerpt from "Jamin" pag 199: two front groups with different focal lengths mounted in succession, which could be alternated depending on....(continue)
Objectif Double à Cône Centralisateur JAMIN B.té S.G.D.G., Rue chapon 14, Paris N° 2567
43,5x27 cm.
A short excerpt from "Jamin" pag 203 … This is an excellent example of a large lens. It can be dated between 1856 and 1860. In this lens and in the later ones the rear group has a diameter larger of…(continue)
A short excerpt from "Jamin" pag 209 …Jamin died in 1867, but his photographic studio remained active since some carte de visite show dates from 1868 to …(continue)

A short excerpt from "Jamin"

Pag 197...Although Jamin was the owner of the patents (9) and had built many achromatic lenses (5), his name is still mainly associated with the invention of the double lens with a centralizing cone, which he presented to the Academy of Science in Paris. The first example of this model, which can be placed in a category between modified Petzvals and the verres combinés, was invented in 1854 (2), first with a cylindrical shape, and later with the rear group mounted to a barrel with a conical shape. The peculiar shape of the rear group had the function of…(continue)

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